Asset Tracking

Most companies have some kind of a record of what fixed assets are on the books, and what their value was when they were originally purchased.  But ask them “where are the assets now; where are they located? ” or “what is the condition of the assets” and you will likely get a shoulder shrug and a “don’t know” for an answer.

Don’t worry if this sounds too familiar to be funny. Most companies out there have a very limited understanding of where their assets are, and whether they are in need of service or need to be disposed of.

Pocket Solutions has helped a number of companies streamline and modernise their asset tracking processes, implementing data capture systems based on using handheld terminals and either barcodes or RFID tags fixed to the individual assets.

Our systems typically integrate into a company’s existing asset register, whether it is a specialised asset system, accounting system, or even a simple spreadsheet.