MtPsi Series printers are “super industrial” and offer reliable operation.

These printers are a variant of the popular MtP Series with extended environmental

Click on the image to get more information on the MTPsi printers.

and durability specifications for challenging printing applications. Running battery-free and mounted to a fixed structure in industrial, construction, or manufacturing vehicles, MtPsi operates reliably under conditions not typically associated or compatible with the use of standard ruggedized IT equipment, in every climate from the desert to the tundra.

MtPsi printers are built to last. They’re built for speed and usability, too. Additional time-saving, life-extending, and flexibility-enhancing features include:

  • Overmold design for superior resistance to impact and harsh chemicals.
  • IP54-rated for water and dust resistance.
  • Generous media capacity reduces reloading; media gauge indicates level at a glance.
  • Rugged, screw-down connector for power and data.
  • Simple drop-in paper loading. No need to thread paper.
  • Direct thermal printing. No ink.
  • Wide input voltage range and superior circuit protection.
  • Sealed, wipe-clean control panel.

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