Maxon Intelimax

Engineered for the future, the Intelimax is the latest addition to Maxons range of 3G serial modems.

The most compact and cost effective serial modem designed for today’s M2M requirements. Economy of size, price and power – The Intelimax delivers a more efficient communication solution to suit most industrial markets. The Intelimax combines the capability of a powerful onboard processor enabling an innovative and comprehensive feature set. Enhanced capabilities include FOTA, SSH, Telnet, remote mgt, onboard IP stack and FTP.

This multi purpose device is suitable for global 3G/2G networks and provides a comprehensive range of features that will suit your telemetry requirements

Intelimax is the replacement product for Intermax and Modmax

Intelimax features:

• Supports packet data and 2-way SMS

• RS232 INTERFACE (RJ45 Connector)

• Auto recovery including detect and auto redial

• Wide ranging input voltage

• Remote AT Command configurable


• 3g communications to data logging equipment

• Receive sms reporting from your device

•  Message traffic board signs

• Traffic counting

• Remote Telemetry applications


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