Maxon Smartmax

Breaking the industry benchmark, the top-of-the range Smartmax is a unique and intelligent fusion of 3G capabilities with advanced functionality of a modem/router, complete with built-in DNP3; all encased in a durable & robust metal casing.

The Smartmax has an array of industrial connectivity options, including RS232, RS485 & USB ports. DNP3 protocol, and HSPA wireless connectivity to ensure local, national and international remote access via VPN, DDNS & FTP features.

Complete with SCADA functionality capabilities, the Smartmax can power up simple to advanced M2M applications, enabling secure and two-way communications for remote monitoring, control, management and reporting. Designed for reliable field performance and functionalities, the Smartmax allow solutions to deliver rapid, cost-effective deployment for any telemetry environments.

With the additional I/O Board, the Smartmax transforms into a standalone RTU (Remote Terminal Unit), being an all-in-one solution to streamline your data telemetry to the next generation.


·         3g communications to data logging equipment

·         Receive sms reporting from your device

·         Message Traffic Board Signs

·         Traffic Counting

·         Security Camera Control

·         Environmental Applications

·         DNP3 Scada Control

·         SMS and Webface Control of Remote Telemetry Applications

·         RS232 and Ethernet Connectivity



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