When it comes to mobile computing and data capture applications, Pocket Solutions has considerable practical experience to tap into. We have been working in the mobile / data capture “space” since the early 90’s and have designed and built a wide range of software applications for all kinds of customers, both big and small.

We can help you pinpoint “trouble spots” in your work flow and procedures, where a mobile solution could make a great deal of difference to productivity and costs savings. Or perhaps you have a fixed location problem that could be streamlined with the use of barcodes or RFID tags.

Maybe you know exactly what your problem is, but you don’t know how to solve it. That’s where our experience can help.

We’re good at thinking outside of the square, and have on many occasions even designed and built a custom hardware device to solve a particular problem (some of our guys are electronic engineers too!).

Whatever your particular “challenge” is, we are a good company to partner with.

We utilise time tested design procedures and techniques, combined with our experience at knowing what is going to work and what is not, and incorporate this into our assessment of your potential project. We listen to your needs and desires and try our best to deliver exactly what you want. We are easy to talk to , and we don’t try and impress you with the latest acronyms or jargon. That’s a promise.

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