ScanworkX for MS Dynamics AX

ScanworkX front page small

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ScanWorkX™ for Microsoft Dynamics AX is the next generation in barcode data collection, featuring a powerful Microsoft .NET architecture. The ScanWorkX interface is hardware-independent, intuitive, easy to use, and “gloved hand” friendly! ScanWorkX supports more than 50 standard Microsoft Dynamics AX transactions with and without barcode readers. Advanced transaction logic boosts productivity and streamlines Dynamics AX workflows. ScanWorkX logically combines process steps, and speeds transaction validation and completion through the use of barcodes, lists of values, and directed logic. eNSYNC (authors of ScanworkX) place the highest priority on data integrity, security, real-time response, and user ergonomics. Combine this with the latest in barcode and RfID technology, and you get ScanWorkX, the premier barcode data collection solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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